Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Who we are

 This blog will follow what is going on at Chesapeake Gold Farms.  This is my family dairy farm where we milk 200 cows and crop farm 950 acres.  I am the 6th generation to operate the farm and farming truly runs through my veins. 

The white stucco house with the brown roof was originally a log cabin built in the 1700’s .  It has been added on to several time but the original portion still remains.  The main farm house was then built in 1888 for Ila B Grove and her new husband Francis G. Miller.  The barn followed in 1889. 

Francis was a horse a buggy doctor and the miniature “house” to the right of the farm house was his office where he practiced medicine.  Ila did not care for the smell of the medicines so he built his doctors office to next to the house.  It is rumored that he had a cure for skin cancer but never wrote it down.  In those days you cold not make enough money as just a doctor so many doctors had second jobs.  Dr. Miller was a carpenter and many of the book shelves in the house were hand crafted by him.

  This picture was taken in the early 1960’s when my grandfather and great uncle operated the farm.  The farm doesn’t look much different today than 60 years ago but a lot has changed over the years.  Back then we were milking 30 cows and only farmed about 150 acres. Much of the work was still done with horses as where today it is all done with tractors.

Since then we have expanded the barnyard twice, built an additional barn and milking parlor.  Something unique is that our cows still come through the same barn everyday that they did over 100 years ago when the barn was built.