Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stuck in the mud

We are starting to get spring fever around the farm.  The days are getting longer and you can feel spring temperatures starting to tease us.  The daffodils have little flowers starting to spike out.  The hay fields are starting to green up with anticipation of the warmer temperatures that will follow  in March. 

We are continuing to work on cutting hedge rows back and are making quite a bit of progress.  We did end up getting stuck the one day with our big payloader.  We got into ta spot that was a little softer than we expected.
The loader weighs over 45,000 pounds and was quite a challenge to get out.  We tried hooking to big 200 horsepower tractors together to it and had no luck.  Ultimately we had to get a 50 ton excavator in to dig it out

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