Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Udderly Amazing

We continued to enjoy the warm weather again this week.  We however did finally get some cold weather and snow the middle part of the week.  As we all bundled up and complained about it getting cold the cows were in their glory.  They love the cold weather and would be happy if it was cold all year round.  Part of this is due to how hard they have to work to make milk.  For every pound of milk they make it takes 200 pounds of blood to flow through their udder.  Our cows average 70 pounds per day which adds up to 1,400 pounds of blood in one days time.

We are starting to get a little spring fever and are starting to get geared up for spring work.  We ordered our seed for the corn and soybeans for the spring.  We also sat down with our crop advisor and went though our nutrient management plan.  Growing a crop takes a lot more precision then you garden does.  We test the nutrients in the soil and compare them to the crops needs and will fertilize based off of these results.  We also think about what crop genetics will respond best to our conditions.  Its hard to believe but we are only 5 weeks from the first day of spring.

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