Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Work in Progress

The shed is coming along and really starting to take shape.  All of the poles are set and we have have about half of the trusses set.  The first picture below is after setting the poles.

Rather then renting a crane to come in and set the trusses we have been using a bucket truck.  It is a little slower doing it this way but we though it would be a lot safer.  With the crane we would have been worried about getting done as fast as possible to keep the bill down.  When you get in a rush that is when mistakes can happen and people can get hurt.

Here is the first truss going into place in the west end of the building.
Another thing that we are doing different is we are putting all of the bracing and perlins in as be go rather then getting all of the trusses up then coming back to brace everything.  Since we don't have to worry about holding a crane up it makes things safer.  After the trusses go up and before all the bracing goes on is the most vulnerable time for a pole building especially in the spring where we see lots of gusty winds.

Looking from atop the silo at the end of the first day of setting trusses.
More trusses going up

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