Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Hay

The unseasonably warm weather has pushed thing ahead 2 to 3 weeks ahead of schedule.  Most years we chop hay for the cows the last week in April and won't start making dry hay until the middle of May.  When we chop the hay we bring in a machine that chops the hay up like a supper sized food processor you would use in you kitchen.  The picture below shows us chopping directly into dump trucks that will haul the silage back to the trench.

 We then store it in a trench and cover it with plastic so it can go through anaerobic fermentation that keeps it from spoiling. The picture below shows use pushing the silage from the truck into the trench and packing it down to get all the air out to keep it from spoiling.
When we are done we put a big piece of plastic over to seal it up and weigh it down with old tires to make sure the plastic stays on tight.  3-6 Months later we will start feeding the transformed silage to the cows.  By turning hay and corn into silage we are able to store them much longer then if we made dry hay.  Think of it like turning cucumbers into pickles.  Another plus the cows love the way it tastes.

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