Thursday, July 5, 2012

Working on the 4th of July?

Most years while everyone is busy celebrating the 4th of July, sitting back and relaxing with family and friends in honor of the men and women who fought to make and keep America "home of the free", we are out in the fields trying to get the wheat harvest done.  We tease around the farm guessing what field we will be in on the 4th and if it will be a good fire work watching perch. 

Some people think we are crazy, but we like it.  Once it gets dark and people start shooting fireworks off, we usually call it a night and look for the highest place to sit, often times atop a loaded trailer or stack of straw.  When you get in a big field on top of a hill you can see fire works around you and the most pressing concern on your mind is "which direction should I sit to get the best view?".

Everything has seemed to be early this year from planting corn, to first cutting of hay, planting soybeans and the ripening of small grains.  As a result of the earlier than normal season paired with having the new hay shed and buying a 2nd automatic stack wagon we were able to get the straw crop up in record time.

Here we are picking up the last load of straw.  This bale wagon came from out West where the owner had three identical machines that he named after the 3 Stooges; Larry, Curry, and Moe.  This machine is "Moe" and will pick up 160 bales at a time that can be taken back to the farm and dumped in a nice neat stack, all from the comfort of the cab.

Thanks to hard work from all of the crew over the last couple weeks we got all but caught up with baling hay and straw and were able to sit back and relax with everyone else for the 4th of July.

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