Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Going to the State Fair

Today we took 7 heifers to the Maryland state fair in Timmonium Md. Several hundred dairy cows came in today from across the state and surrounding states to show off their cows.

Tomorrow and Friday the show will take place in the Cow Palace. The animals will be broken into classes by breed and age and judged for comformation, how well they are built. The winners of each class will come back and compete for Supreme Champion, or king of the hill in cow world. 

The fair is not only a chance for us to show our animals off and see how they compare to everyone elses, but it is also an opertunity to catch up with old friends that we only see once or twice a year.  It is also a great time to interact with the public. For many of the people that walk through the barn it is the only time they have seen a real cow in person. It makes for a great question and answer session. 

If you happen to visit the Maryland State Fair this year come visit us and our brown cows. We are in the far corner of the cow palace right behind the Md Farm Bureau Dairy Bar. What could be better than finding your favorite dairt cow to get your picture with then go around thr corner and get an ice cream cone?