Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the World....Who has time for that?

 By now everyone should be aware that today was what was supposed to be the great apocalypse that the Mayans predicted.  While virtually everyone on facebook and in public has been caught up in this craze one group continues to remain unconcerned with the hype; our cows.


They have much more important (to them) things on their minds.  "Which sand bed do I feel like laying in today?", "When are they gonna scrape the feed lot so I can leave a fresh cow pie right after they clean up?", "Do I want to drink from this water tank or the one over there?", and most importantly "Are his hands gonna be cold next time I get milked?".

December has proven to be a busy month so far.  As of today we have welcomed 20 new calves.  Even after seeing hundreds of calves born it never gets old seeing them come to life just moments after they are born.  Unlike humans, calves are born ready to run.  Within 10-15 minutes a newborn calf will be standing up and trying to nurse from mom.  This new calf was less then 20 minutes old and looking for some lunch.

It is looking like we are going to leave 2012 with a bang.  The steady stream of calves doesn't look to slow down until after the first year.  Who knows maybe Santa will deliver a Christmas heifer calf this year.