Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring is finally here

Spring time is always highly anticipated around the farm.  Winter time is great for catching up on repairs and recharging the body after running hard all summer long but as the days start getting longer the "itch" to get back in the field builds.  Once the daffodills start coming up you know spring is just aound the corner.  This was from the middle of March

The past couple weeks have been pretty busy around here.  Along with taking care of the cows and heifers field work has begun.  We started spraying hay field and small grains (wheat, barley and rye) in the beginning of March with spring fertilizer to make sure it had all the nutrients in needed as the weather warms and things start growing.

We also got a start on hauling manure.  Nitrogen is one of the main nutrients in manure and can be volatile in hot weather.  In order to make sure that the nutrients stay on the field for our crops to utilize we run injectors on our manure tank that cuts a small slice in the ground and applies the manure about 2" below the surface.  By doing this the nutrients can bind to the cations and anions in the soils until the new crop is ready to take them up.  Another major benefit is there is virtually no stink.  Many of our neighbors have asked the question " What happened to all your manure?  It doesn't stink any more." This is a win win.  It smells better for the neighbors and we don't have to buy as much commercial fertilizer since we started incorporating our manure.